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SHELIX for DEWALT 13'' Planer, DW-735

SHELIX for DEWALT 13'' Planer, DW-735
  • SHELIX for DEWALT 13'' Planer, DW-735
  • Brand: Byrd Tool
  • Product Code: MYWOCU-00724
  • (USD) $422.95

  • Price in Canadian Dollar: (CAD) $522.00

This SHELIX head comes with new bearings (pre-installed) and features 4 wings of knives with a total of 40 knives. Additional replacement knives can be ordered along.
Please click above on "Customize and Order" to see prices for replacement knives that can be ordered along.
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PLEASE NOTE: The reduced size DW735 cutterhead was created because to install a helical cutterhead in the 735, all the carbide insert knives have to be removed to slip it through the bearing housing. You will still have to rotate and remove and replace the knives over their lifetime anyway, but the reduced size version eliminates this initial approximately 1 hr. long procedure. However, it creates some real problems, the calibration of the machine is now not valid nor are the preset stops, but most significantly there will be added pressure on the infeed / outfeed rollers due to the reduced cutterhead diameter, necessitating the lowering of the cutterhead to compensate for the different height, this can do nothing but increase snipe and cause premature wear. For this reason we do not recommend the reduced sized version.

Official note from Byrd Tool:
Several years ago after much initial testing we opted to make the DW735 heads with a smaller diameter so it could be installed without removing the knives ( for customer convenience.) Thousands of them have been sold without any problems other than not being able to take as deep of cut, which turned out to be a non issue. However we've been finding some machines that the smaller diameter head will not feed properly, not cut at all, or causes excessive snipe, but considering the volume we sell this has been a very small number. We recently started making the OEM size for such occasions, but the knives must be removed to install it. At this point, identifying the effected machines by SN#, or year has been inconclusive, and since there are no machine adjustments, we offer an exchange for $50.00 and return of the old head, knives, screws, & bearings. The customer is responsible for S&H and any other costs incurred. The OEM head will ship with new knives, screws, and bearings. In the event a smaller dia. head was ordered, but now find an OEM size is needed, please contact us.

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