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Delivery Information

All SHELIX products sold on this website will be shipped to our customers directly from the manufacturer, Byrd Tool in Kentucky, USA. Unfortunately, Byrd Tool is not able or willing to provide voluntary inventory information to us or any other distributor. For this reason, we cannot make statements on our website to indicate whether a product is in stock or not. With every order we receive, we inquire with Byrd about the availability of the product(s) being ordered. After you place your order, you will receive an email from us indicating when you can expect your order to be shipped. This email is being sent to you by the next business day after you placed the order. Of course, you can contact us prior to placing an order to inquire about the availability of the product(s) you intend to order, , (an answer may take up to a day).

In most cases, your order will be shipped via UPS.

How do we ship

In most cases, your SHELIX order will be shipped via UPS. Very large heads by common carrier.

Timing for orders to ship

Byrd Tool is working hard to keep inventory for most popular items in a regular production cycle and in stock, availability for many items changes by the minute as items sell out and new stock comes in. For most popular items where units are in stock, they still go through quality control and balancing prior shipping. This may cause a delay of three to four weeks before your order ships.

The timing for items that are currently out of stock depends on the item itself. If it is a popular item that has just sold out, chances are that new stock will arrive soon, (6 to 8 weeks). Other items that are less frequently purchased will be built upon order and this may take 10 to 16 weeks or longer. An exception is the DW735 which may be up to 6-8 months. If you place an order for an item that is currently not in stock, we will inform you via e-mail within one to two business days and let you know how long it will take until your order ships.

International Customers outside USA

We will ship to you via UPS. Importing charges may occur upon delivery, depending on your location and your country’s regulations.

Here is some additional information based on frequently asked questions:

1. Why is there such an order delay and how reliable is the timing indicated in the email you sent me?

While Byrd Tool always tries to make predictions about timing on order fulfillment as a "worst case scenario" situation and they try to ship sooner than indicated above, experience shows that their schedule sometimes gets disturbed due to unforeseen circumstances. They currently produce over 800 different SHELIX heads and do so with about 15 milling machines. Obviously, they produce each kind of head in batches of a limited quantity before changing machine settings for a different kind of SHELIX head. While they try to produce enough heads per kind to have sufficient inventory until the next time they produce the same head again, order volumes are difficult to be foreseen and some heads sometimes do sell out before they produce the same kind again. With this situation, it becomes obvious that any problem in the production setup (i.e. a broken machine, flu season with several employees calling in sick etc.) can cause a chain reaction of delays for several products. While these things do happen, in our experience about 50% of orders ship sooner than indicated, about 40% of orders ship within the time frame indicated, and about 10% of orders are affected by delays.

2. Will I receive any updates on the status of my order?

Within one business day after you place your order, we will contact Byrd Tool and inquire about availability / production timing for the SHELIX head you ordered. As soon as we get an ETA on the when your SHELIX Head is expected to be shipped, we will notify you per email. After that, we do not send further information within the time frame indicated in this email. Unfortunately, Byrd Tool only provides order updates (even when delays happen) upon request. However, we try hard to keep an eye on all orders and if we have not received a tracking number for your order from Byrd by the end of the time frame indicated, we will inquire with Byrd and send you an order status update. Of course, you can always inquire about the status of your order by responding to our email and we will call Byrd and get you an answer. If you wish, you can also call Byrd yourself anytime at 1-800-441-2973 or 270-230-0079. If you do so, please refer to your order through MyWoodCutters.com or ShelixHeads.com and provide your name and the Internal Order ID (indicated as "Intl. ID" at the very bottom of this email.

3. Why is there no indication of “in stock” / "out of stock" on your website?

Unfortunately, the inventory status at Byrd Tool and our replacement blade supplier changes almost every minute as some items sell out and others come out of production. Unfortunately, Byrd is neither willing nor technically able to provide electronic inventory status to any of their distributors in order to keep an accurate inventory status online. With every order we receive, we have to call to inquire about inventory of the appropriate product and then inform our customer per email.

4. I was reading online about another customer who received extreme poor customer service - Is this true?

In a way, it most likely is true. However, there are always 2 sides to a story between a Customer and a retailer and it is difficult to make an informed opinion if reading only from one side. Of course, once a Customer is upset the story telling usually gets exaggerated. We honestly try to resolve every dispute to the Customers satisfaction, sometimes this is not 100% possible and we always feel we go at least half way in these circumstances and usually well beyond that. Unfortunately, it takes in retail an average of 2,000 happy Customers for one to provide positive voluntary feedback while every single frustrated Customer will raise a voice… At the end of the day, we can proudly look back at thousands of very happy Customers.

5. Can you provide installation instructions to help me with the installation of my SHELIX head?

Unfortunately, we only have limited installation instructions for only some machines. Machine manufacturers do not support our business as they have no interest in you upgrading your machine with a SHELIX head. Every single SHELIX head we provide is reverse engineered from an original cutter head that a first Customer with the appropriate machine sent to Byrd for this purpose. Therefore, Byrd has never seen most of the actual machines for which they provide a SHELIX head and are unable to produce installation instructions. We do offer instructions for most common machines online at:


There are also hundreds of different installation Videos now on YouTube.

We do invite you to help us helping others. If your machine is not listed for installation instructions and you are willing to prepare an installation manual (video or text with pictures), we are willing to pay you up to 30% of your purchase price in form of a refund once you provide the instructions. The amount will depend on how popular your machine is and therefore, on the average number of Customers purchasing this SHELIX head. Before you create and provide the instructions, please contact us by responding to this email and we will make you an offer based on the specific machine.