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Customer Testimonials

I have changed my Delta 15” planer and DJ-20 8” jointer over to the Shelix spiral cutter heads. I wish I had done this years ago.
1 The machines make about half of the noise that they used to. The planer in particular does not make the horrible howling noise that it used to when you turned on the dust collection.
2 The dust collection system is much more efficient and we never get clogs in the pipes anymore. The machines seem to work far less hard than they used to. I think the bearings and belts will last longer.
3 We are getting much less tear out of grain on both machines.

In a production shop I can see these heads paying for themselves in 6 months or less. They are great!

Keith W.



“This was a great experience from start to finish. This company has intimate knowledge of all makes/models of planers. I sent a question in on a Sunday evening and within hours had a response. Additional information was offered indicating the need for a seal that I would have missed. Missing that seal would have required removing the entire cutterhead again. Technical expertise. Service. Quality. These are the things that the market needs to learn how to pay more for. Thank you for a rejuvenating consumer experience.”
Thank you.

I purchased a shelix head for my wedge bed planer, Rockwell Delta. The cutter head was getting chipped and I decided to replace it with the shelix and had heard really good things about the company and wanted to try a spiral head. It is amazing, gives a really nice finish, no waviness, and much quieter. Also the customer service was fabulous.  They responded so quickly to every question I emailed to them. I strongly recommend this to anyone thinking of swapping out their cutter head. You will not be disappointed. 

James Coulthard, Lamoni, Iowaz


The Shelix Head works great. Better than even expected. It makes a soft buzzing sound going through Red Oak. It's awesome, love it. Tom

Two +  years ago I installed one of your SHELIX heads in my Powermatic 8” jointer.  After using it for a while I let you know how well it worked for me.  I have since installed one in my older Delta 15” planer and have been using it almost daily ever since.  It works just as beautifully  as my jointer.  My only regret is that I didn't do the switch-out sooner.
Anyone who uses a jointer and/or a surface planer often would do well to install a Shelix head in their older machine.  If you have a good older  machine that you are planning to keep, I think the replacement would pay for itself in what is saved in fewer knife maintenance expenditures and less time hand planing and sanding to a surface ready for finish.
I have real admiration for the people who work hard to produce these products.  It's great to buy something that really delivers.  Thanks,  Ned E.


Just a follow up on the Shelix head that I purchased for my Shopsmith planer.
 have installed the new cutter head and it works great. I am very happy with the cut quality of the new head and was relieved that all my cutter head measurements were correct for my Shopsmith planer. I did purchase new bearings to make the installation easier and to avoid damaging the old bearings by removing them from the old head. I would definitely recommend the Shelix cutter head for any woodworking equipment as the quality of cut is much better than with the conventional cutter blades. Also, the noise level is lower on my machines due to the new cutter head. While I still wear hearing protection, their is a noticeable reduction in noise from both my jointer and planer. Dean H.

Just wanted to let you know my Byrd head arrived about an hour ago. It works AWESOME!!
Left a finish on some redwood like I planed it by hand. Did some figured Maple and it was very smooth w/o any tear out. A tiny bit of cutter surface chatter patterning (cross grain bumps) caused by the slight gap between the leading edges of the cutters but a quick 220 sanding will remove that. Basically I’m saying on a piece of hard figured maple you can tell it wasn’t planned with a hand plane unlike the redwood…LOL...
Had to raise the left side jointer mount head bracket cup about 6/1000th and it’s perfect. I had been a bit concerned about how much adjustment I’d need to do because the jointer was originally designed for movable blades not a fixed plane head like the Byrd. Not much just took one piece of aluminum tape I use to seal my dust collection ducting. Actual  installation time was about 20min. I had already taken the jointer apart earlier. Hardest part about that was removing the old head (bearings)  from the mounting cups. 
Didn’t realize they would be so tight on the bearings and didn’t have a gear puller. Made a box to hold the head so that it was suspended by the edge of the bering cup by two long electricians screw driver shafts. Then I drove the shaft out of the housing using a dead blow to release the bearing. Fortunately they came out and didn’t come off the shaft otherwise I’d have had to figure out a different way to remove them from the housing. Could have probably could have  used a socket to do that. Worked fine once I figured out how to do it w/o a bearing puller. All in all in excellent upgrade and worth the wait.
Thanks! —Bryan

I got the head and it is sooo nice! Super easy to install.The planer has never sounded so smooth and quiet. I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for your help.
Best Regards-Patrick

I am responding to your query as to my experience installing an 8” Shelix in my Powermatic Model 60 Jointer.  I’ve been producing custom hardwood furniture for forty years, and in all of these years of making sawdust I can’t think of a more profound breakthrough in the technology of wood working.  It amounts to much more than just the convenience of bypassing the straight blade installation (which in an older Powermatic is a nightmare).  Sure it’s quieter and requires less horsepower, but what is truly amazing is how it leaves the surface of a plank of gnarly grained hardwood.  I’m sure you get this a lot, but I have a shop full of some of the most difficult to plane hardwoods and tropicals that exist.  I'm talking about woods like rowed Jatoba, fiddle back maple, Vera, Zocote, Blood wood, Zebra and Katalox.  The Shelix  cutter head left all of the above woods with a shimmering surface and without tear outs.  I wish I had made the transition years ago!  My Shelix arrived in a timely manner with the new bearings pressed onto the arbor in a bust proof container specifically designed for this particular arbor and even came with the driver wrench for changing out or rotating the blades.  Couldn’t be happier.  Thanks! Peter

Installation went well, machine cuts great , noise level is about half. We will be looking to replace our jointer head with SHELIX head in the near future. 
Phil Brekkaas 

I recently purchased a SHELIX head for my DJ-20 joiner from mywoodcutters.com.  The service from mywoodcutters.com has been great with delivery on time. The installation of the head was quite easy only needing the outfeed table to be adjusted to the new height.  The cut is very smooth and consistent. I have nicked one knife so far and had a small mark on the face of the boards.  It was very easy to locate the knife and give it a quick 90 degree turn and it was like new again.  The cut quality is good but the best feature of this head is the level of noise.  In the past with the straight knifes and the dust collector running the noise was very loud and it was impossible to work without major hearing protection.  With the SHELIX head the noise is comparable to table saw.  My planner is next! BillA from Limerick.

Thank you for your offer of 10% off my next purchase. I have already used it to order a new cutter head for my Planer. I was absolutely blown away with the incredible quality of the cut on my jointer. I was having serious chipout issues with some Maple that I was working with and the results with the new cutter head are amazing. The Maple is as smooth as glass…I did not think it was possible but with these results I just had to get a new cutter for the planer.
Thanks Again, Andy Pursch

I LOVE my new Shelix cutterhead! I dreaded changing jointer knives and now I don't have to. What's not to like? Better quality cut, longer cutter life, and no more changing/aligning knives. It was very easy to install, only took about an hour. My 6" Jet has new life and should continue to serve me well for many more years to come. It's quieter too!

Installed in a Delta DJ-20 jointer and works perfectly and is quieter,this is my second machine with your cutter heads and I am very pleased-my Powermatic 20" 5hp planer also has your cutter head installed and produces a beautiful finish.Thanks Frank Consolloy

I love my new Shelix head.  I put it on my Powermatic 54a six inch jointer.  My only regret is that I wish I had done it sooner.
Thanks,Tom Hoffman

The Shelix head is amazing so far!!! I havent bought any replacement knives so far and we do use the planer at least 3-4 hours a day here.
Best investment. Don't know why this product is not more advertised here in Canada!

I am very pleased with my 8 inch SHELIX head that I installed on my jointer. My dad bought this jointer back in 1986. I inherited it a few years back when he passed away. It worked ok but not great. Instead of another sharpening and knife setting marathon session I installed the SHELIX head in a very short time with a new bearing set. Excellent performance now and it is smoother and quieter.
Tom Strout

I have been planning 1-1/4 reclaimed T & g oak flooring from a bar renovation. The oak is quite hard by now with the helix head performing very well. NO complaints whatsoever. Easy to install the head as well. Worthwhile investment.
Regards, Dawson Wallace Construction

I purchased heads for my General 480 jointer and model 130 planer. Installation for both units took about 6 hours given that we were unfamiliar with disassembly of either machine. We had to take all of the inserts off the head for the 130 planer in order to be able to install it. Not a big, and thank goodness I had purchased a torque wrench to use for reinstallation.
The results have been great. I've planed heavily claro walnut, birdseye maple, curly maple and quartersawn own and been very pleased with the results. I'd purchase these again in a heart beat.
Regards, Tom Spelce

Finally got the SHELIX cutter head installed.  It is amazing!  I first ran some rough sawn popple through & of course I liked the results.  Then I moved onto end grain hard maple & purple heart cutting boards.   I completed 2 & started 2 more.  My old blades would have been toast after one.  I'm very impressed & heartily give it 2 thumbs up!  Worth every penny.
Andrew Buvala

I’m very happy with my SHELIX cutter head , it fit well , runs very smooth and improved the performance of my machine .I would recommend this upgrade for any Jointer or planner.
Bisaro Woodworking, Alain Stahl

Just installed shelix head in my planer this afternoon ***awesome*** i cant believe how quiet. thanks Duane

Can't express my happiness enough at how the Helical Head works in my Oliver Planer.  Quieter, sharper, superior finish.  Did I mention quieter?
Please quote a replacement helical head for my 12" Oliver jointer.
Thanks again.

I am a high school woodshop teacher. I bought the shelix replacement for our Powermatic planer. The noise from the straight knives was awful. The concrete room reverberated and I went home everyday with a headache. The helical cutters are 100x quitter and you get an amazing cut to boot!
Thank you,  Hillel Posner

I WAS A BIT HESITANT TO INVEST 750$ + INTO MY 25 YEAR OLD jet 15 INCH PLANER AT THE ONSET as a non commercial user .  I AM ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED WITH THE RESULTS AND TOTALLY SATISFIED WITH THE INSTALLATON AND RESULTS!  It really is  25 db quieter than my old linear cut head.  The surface cut  is ultra smooth.  The vacuum exhaust product is finely particulate up to my vacuum unit.  I would definitely do the installation again myself and  purchase again.  Ralph Loomis Asheville NC

I did a fair bit of research online before purchasing the Shelix cutterhead including this installation video,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XucCQYbhLM which makes the refitting quite simple. I'm a c5 quadriplegic and need things simple, for example: I want to do as little sanding as possible and unless I'm shaping the work piece, the Shelix head lets me go straight to a 220 finish sand. The first difference I noticed was the dramatic reduction in noise. I had to wear ear defenders before and now can use my ear buds and listen to music as I do when using the rest of my tools.My only disappointment was that the Shelix head is 1/8" smaller diameter than the factory Dewalt head which restricts the machine in two ways. It reduces the machine's capability of removing 1/8" of material per pass, to removing 1/16" per pass which doubles the time and number of passes needed for dimensioning wood. It also restricts the machine's ability to to plane to 1/8" thickness which would be very useful. I really think this should be made clear in the literature as I then would have specified that I wanted one the same size as the original or did I get sent the wrong head? Obviously if this is the case I'd be more than happy to edit my review.
-less noise
-smaller chips
-much smoother finish
-less drag on machine
-less tear out
-ease in changing a knife
-different size than the original head

Thanks, George

Our Comment:
Thank you George, for your feedback and comment! The SHELIX head for the DeWalt 735 is indeed a little smaller in diameter than the original head. I must admit that I was not aware of this myself but I just received confirmation from the manufacturer Byrd Tool that this is correct. When you install the cutter head, you have to slide it through a hole in the machine which is why you already have to remove the original knives before you can get the old head removed through the hole. The SHELIX head is built completely different than the original head and would not fit through the hole if it was any bigger in diameter. I have taken your advice and added a comment to the appropriate product page to point this out and I apologize I didn't have a chance to let you know before you made your purchase.
New update as per August 2015:
The SHELIX heads for all DeWalt machines now come with the same cutting diameter as the original heads and the above mentioned issues no longer exist. However, this means you must remove all carbide insert knives from the SHELIX head prior to installation in order to get the head through the small hole in the machine housing. In case you wonder why the knives are pre-instlled in the first place: Byrd needs to install the knives on the head to perform extinsive quality controls to ensure all knives are cutting on the same level.

I am very pleasded with my SHELIX cutter head. I installed it on a DeWalt 735. Due to the cost I was hesitant about its purchase and value, so, like many of us, I continued to use replaceable blades and wear double ear protection when it ran. My wife compared the noise to a 747 taking off and I was careful when I ran it so as too not offend the neighbors. I should have purchased it sooner! The cuts are clean, the surface is smooth, I need only finish sanding if at all. The installation was simple and straight forward. The drop in sound level is amazing! My advice is get one now and install it.  I will never return to a flat bladed planer.
Thanks for the great service. Douglas Tapking

This summer 2014, I have ordered and installed a Shelixhead for 6" Ridgid Jointer and 13" Dewalt 735 Planer. The noise level has dropped dramatically which was major reason for this purchase and finished surface is beyond expectation. I simple can't say how satisfied I am with this amazing tool. The services of mywoodcutters.com, especially by Steffen was excellent. Everything done exactly as promised. Worth every penny.
Thanks and all the best, Jay

The cutter head is wonderful.  I'm very happy in the way it works, such an improvement from the HSS 3 blade setup. I would have had to change the HSS blades 3 time for the amount of wood I planed so far.
Keep in mind I'm still on the original setup from Byrd. I have contacting you on my to do list because of reading comments on the Web about the lines I may encounter after rotating the cutters. What's the key to avoiding that ptoblem? Is it best to take the assembly out of the machine and do the work on a bench?  Is a jig or aid available to insure proper alignment of the cutters? Any tips or tricks would be appreciated. I treat the comments on the Web skeptically given most Americans try things 3 times and then go to the instructions for the first time. I'm hoping that's the case with the people that are having quality issues after the cutter rotation. But if it proves to be very difficult to rotate the cutters without suffering quality issues my satisfaction level toward the product would change. Thanks for your help and interest in how the cutter head is performing for me.
Steve Van Andel

Our response:
Hi Steve, Thank you for your feedback!
To answer your question, when rotating or replacing the knives, the key is cleanness! You don’t need to remove the head from the machine or use a jig...
The knives are sitting in a seat where they perfectly fit in. You simply let the screw guide the knives into their correct position. However, if there are any dust particles that get under the knives, they will sit higher and eventually cause an uneven surface in your wood. Therefore, the first thing you should do before rotating or replacing the knives is to clean your machine. When you then only rotate the knives, you don’t need to remove them completely; just loosen the screw, rotate it and tighten the screw. I would always recommend you use a compressor with an air nozzle and blow the seat and bottom of the knives just before tightening them. You should use a torque wrench with 45 inch pounds torque to tighten the screws. If you follow these instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems.
The SHELIX head is powder coated which prevents the steel from corroding. Taking in consideration of what the head is doing, there are constantly wood chips flying around the head in high speeds. When you accidently hit a nail or rock embedded in the wood, they too can hit the surface of the head with extreme force and can cause scratches in the surface and damage the coating. Therefore, it is important that you keep your machine fairly well acclimatized. I have seen wood working shops that have been established in a building that used to be a barn which is not at all insulated. Because these people then try to save on energy, they only heat their shop when they are present. At night, the shop gets not only cold but also very humid. Under such conditions, you will destroy eventually all of your equipment but the SHELIX head will be one of the first thing to show signs. Once you get a few scratches in the surface, the rust will follow soon and blowing the seat clean when rotating the knives will no longer work.
I hope this answers your question.

Customer response:
It answers my questions and I appreciate the info about the unheated shop and its affect on the tools.  I rethinking my shop layout because of the points you raised.
Thanks, Steve Van Andel

The difference in the finish between my old steel knives and the carbide cutters is like night and day. Pullout in figured wood also appears to be a thing of the past. I can't make cuts quite as thick as I used to (my DeWalt 733 is a little under powered) but I can get used to that. Overall I give you guys an A+. I suspect you will be getting a call from some of the people to which I have shown these results.
Regards, Lindsey

The 6” head we purchased for our Powermatic jointer is fantastic. The head we purchased for our Dewalt  planer gives a very nice finish with very little tear out. The planer itself is underpowered for this type of cutterhead.  If you are not concerned about throughput the cutter is a good option.
Kurt Torkelson

When I ordered the Shelix head I was really looking forward to receiving and putting it to work. I had one of my workers who is good at assembling things to install it for me. After a few bumps everything was straightened out and I started using it. We have a 12" planer with helical blades but your Shelix head far outshines our planer. I am totally impressed and happy that I invested in this wonderful tool. Its finish cuts are like glass and I do not have to sand at all. My Shelix head planer now hums so beautifully that it's a joy to hear such a clean purring of the blades. I LOVE IT!!! Looking forward to years of consistent quality planing utilizing your Shelix head attachment on my DeWalt planer. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants the best finish from a planer.
Sincerely, Alvin Okami

I'm a great fan of Shelix cutters having installed a cutter head on my jointer before buying a Shelix head from you for my planer. In the past I spent hours installing straight knives on my planer trying to get them within plus or minus a few thou of each other. That is now in the past. Each edge of the carbide inserts will last 10 times as long as the HSS steel knives and the 4 edges will probably outlast me ( I'm 64 years old ). I use a lot of African mahogony and the quality of cut is excellent and there is very little or no tear out, something I couldn't say about the straight knives. The Shelix is a great upgrade and worth the price. Speaking of price, you were very competitive if not the least expensive and I was happy to deal with a Canadian company.
All the best, WR 

My SHELIX head is working perfect. It cuts much easier than my old knife head and is much more quite. In addition I was most impressed with patience and help that I was given to get a unique key to get my machine working. Very helpful.
Thank you, Matt

This helical head has converted my planer from a good one to a great one!  I also have one of your helical heads in my jointer and it is incredible!  My planer is quieter when cutting than with the straight blades.  Also, having the bearings already installed made the installation a breeze.  Thanks for a high quality product.

Received the head Monday. Installed it Monday & Tuesday.
Used it Tuesday.   FANTASTIC !!!!
Planed all kinds of my hardwoods perfectly.  Planed my end grained cutting boards perfectly. THAT is a HARD thing to do with any blade & system.
NOT inexpensive, BUT i'm GLAD that I paid the price for such a great cutting head that produces such a beautiful result !!! Looking forward to some years of fun !!!
My Best regards,  Warren Greenwald [ 82 yr old retired Professioal Mechanical Engineer.]

Folks, So far I am in love with this cutter head. it produces a wonderful finish. I have a 15" jet planer and even at 20 feet per min this cutter chews through hard maple like butter and leaves a finish that hardly requires any sanding. I would highly recommend this cutter head to anyone who does wood working. I will also tell you that my next purchase from you will be one of these cutter heads for my jointer. The only thing that was an issue was removing and replacing of the cutter head. I have a very in depth mechanical back ground so it was not an issue for me but if you did not have the mechanical ability this could have been a pretty rough job. So I think it would be worth the up charge for most people to have instructions included on the removal and replacement of these cutter heads.
Sincerely Dean Johnson

I am very pleased with both cutterheads. They produce an excellent finish and the noise level is minimal compared to the old cutterheads .The power needed is also significantly reduced. I am also very happy with your technical input when I was trying to decide which of several cutterhead variations would be best for my jointer.
 Ted Davies

Since installing the Shelix head on my delta jointer the surface of the board is chip free and ready for the next step. This saves wood as fewer passes over the cutter are required. In the past I have thrown wood away due to tear out on my factory cutter head. Iam very well pleased with the Shelix cutter head.
Jim Faherty

The SHELIX head was for a Delta 8" jointer.  The difference in overall performance of this jointer is unbelievable.  The installation was very simple and straight forward and only took about 30-45 minutes total.  The overall cut quality is outstanding and the noise level has been reduced enormously.  I am very happy with this upgrade and only wish I could do the same to my 15" Delta planer.  Thank you for an outstanding product and the outstanding service you provided with my order. 
Robert Liles

I have been very happy with the new cutter heads I purchased for my dewalt planer. They were fairly easy and straightforward to install and the difference is amazing. In addition to making a smooth finish (requires little or no sanding) the planer itself is much quieter than before. There also seems to be less load on the planer when it operates. I assume both is these are a result of the use of a 'bunch of' smaller cutter heads vrs the 'two' knife blades used before. very happy with these blades, in fact I changed my joiner as well. 
Wayne Beck

The SHELIX head completely transformed my DeWALT planer. Wow! I put some extremely curly maple through, and there was virtually no tear-out! I tend to work with heavy and hard lumber varieties, including many exotics, and I have yet to try anything this head doesn’t handle beautifully. It’s noticeably quitter, too. Very highly recommended; best investment I’ve made in a long time.
Wayne Kessler

Shortly after the SHELLIX head arrived for my DW 735, I began the install process which went quickly. The step by step instructions, with pictures, were easy to follow and made the install process a breeze. The new head makes clean tear free cuts on straight grain and figured wood. Definitely a good improvement to the operation of the unit. One minor improvement for the instructions would be to mention that the cutter lock plate will not be reinstalled.

This cutter works great. It is very quiet and leaves a glass smooth finish! Thanks for your help getting the right size for my shaper.
John Keyzer

Your assistance resulted in very easy installation of the proper head for my machine.  My jointer did require some shims on the outfeed table due to wear on the infeed table.  The outfeed table don't move much so it was the logical place for the shims.  This is an older Delta Long Bed.  With the outfeed and infeed tables properly aligned, the new head required no shims of t either bearing housing.  The head installed easily and the finish produced is excellent.  It sure took the headache out of knife setting.
Thank you for your assistance and prompt service.
Robert L. Hall

Installed the cutter head and it is working great. Hard to believe the reduction in the noise level. Planes without tearout in difficult woods like hard maple.
The planer needed very little adjustment after the installation . Plan to buy a SHELIX head for my jointer in the near future.

I’m happy to tell you how satisfied I am with your product!  Much earlier this year I saw a segment on the Wood Whisperer web site in which Marc Spagnolo upgraded his jointer with your Shelix cutter head.  He had good things to say about it, demonstrated how straight-forward it is to install, and showed how well it performed.  I have a 20+ year old Powermatic 8* jointer that I had been contemplating upgrading.  I decided that this would be a good way for me to improve my jointing operations both qualitatively and financially as well.  I didn’t have to wait too long to receive it after I ordered it, and had it installed quickly the next day.  I’m happy to say it was well worth the purchase.  The quality of cut is the best I’ve seen from my jointer and it’s noticeably quieter as well.  I’ve used it to smooth some wild-grained sugar maple recently and it did a great job with very little tear out.  Now I’m thinking seriously about upgrading my old Delta 15* planer as well.  It’s very satisfying to find a product such as yours that delivers exactly what it promises.  Yours, Ned Euphrat

I love my SHELIX head for my DeWalt 735 planer. I will never use a planer with regular straight knives again! The cut is so much smoother with a SHELIX that I can cut against the grain with no tear out, even on figured wood. The cutter head cost almost as much as the planer did but it’s worth every penny. Thanks.
Brent EuDaly
EuDaly Woodworks Inc.

Installation was easier than expected.  Only had to lightly file a pulley key to fit the new Shelix shaft. Highly recommend purchasing the replacement bearings at the same time. Originally I was thinking of re-using the old bearings, but I could feel some slight roughness in the bearings after the old cutter head bearings were removed.  Glad I ordered the bearings with the unit.
Having an arbor press and bearing puller made bearing removal/installation installation non-eventful. I did have one clumsy event where I banged one the carbide cutters during the installation process. One corner of the carbide insert was chipped. I simply followed instructions provided and rotated the carbide insert 180 degrees, problem solved.

After re-setting the jointer table to the new cutter head, the 36 year old Rockwell 8" inch jointer worked better than ever.  Cutter head runs smooth! Planed a 7" Red Oak board - no chipping, no cutter marks or chatter, and the cutting noise was very quiet. Feed effort was far less than with a straight knife style cutter head. My decision to replace the cutter head on the jointer was influenced by the superb performance of a helical head surface planer that was recently purchased.  I figured if the surface planer worked that good and quiet, the jointer should work the same.  I was right! Would highly recommend this product to upgrade your jointer (if the tables are still parallel). Buying the Shelix cutter head was far less expensive than buying a new jointer!! Quality of the product is excellent!

Purchase Experience:
No problems. E-mail responses to questions were prompt.  Just need to keep an eye out on what my computer calls spam mail.  I can understand why orders are back logged given the excellent performance of the product. It was well worth the wait.


We installed a Byrd cutterhead in our General International 8" jointer. I'd been putting off the purchase for quite a while due to the cost but now that it's installed, I've forgotten the cost and am enjoying beautiful cuts in figured woods. We were so impressed with this cutterhead we bought one for our DeWalt thickness planer. I'm a fan.

Best regards, 
Sheldon Dingwall
Dingwall Designer Guitars

The 8 inch head for my jointer is really nice.  It cuts very smoothly and is a great improvement over the three blade head that came on the machine almost 50 years ago.
Deek Decker

I am very happy with the product and end result – the instructions were good.
Thanks, Michael Capozzi

I ordered and received SHELIX heads for my 6” Jointer and 13” thickness planer.  While the wait was extremely long, they arrived securely packaged.  Using internet instructions, installations were straightforward.  Each cutter head  produces wonderful surfaces needing little subsequent smoothing prior to finish work.  A major benefit has been how little noise they make---my spouse is very happy in as much as my shop is just below her kitchen.

While the initial cost was painful, their likely long life, wonderful surface preparation, and noise attenuation  justifies the cost and installation issues.  So I am very happy and congratulate the company that produces these novel  cutters.  Best wishes in the coming new year.   Leonard Beuving

I received my SHELIX head for my Delta planer as promised. Installation was straight forward and we had no problems. The cutterhead works better than my expectations ! It saved us thousands of dollars over buying a new planer. Our 15 year old planer works like a new one.

Thanks again,
Richie Alcorn
Alcorn's Custom Woodworking,Inc.

I installed the cutting head last weekend and only tried a few test cuts. I was impressed by the quality and workmanship on the head. 
It would have been useful to have some instruction on the installation for my particular machine - that could happen through a blog or website that your company could host .

Thanks for asking

We replaced the original cutter head on a Powermatic model 15 planer with the shelix head.  The instructions that came with the shelix were simple straight forward and complete.  We installed the new head with no problems in a very reasonable amount of time. We are very satisfied with the performance of the shelix head.  It solved some of our problems with Alder production as well as eliminating all tear-out on Maple and Poplar.  With the constant load of the helical placement of the cutters on this small machine we may have to make shallower passes on 13” and 14” boards however this is not an issue with the superior surface delivered by the helix head.

Absolutely love the cutterhead, made our small woodworking outfit a lot of money and saved us heaps of time. still haven't had to move the cutters after all this time. thanks so much for making such a great product 

I love this cutting head, money well spent. no complaints.
Paul McAllister

The SHELIX heads are fantastic.They were easy to install in my jointer and planer. The machines run a lot quieter than before and because they are carbide last a lot longer. I’m still using cutting edge 1 and still have 3 more to use when they get dull. All planers and jointers should come with these from the factory, and I would recommend them to anyone unless they are concerned about cost. However in the long run after sharpening costs of carbon steel blades and the frustration setting them it is worth it.  Doug Dargent. 

The helical head I purchased was for my Jet 6" Deluxe Jointer, and I love it!  It's definitely a luxury upgrade in the shop, not a necessity, but the helical head cuts faster, quieter, and there is never any tear-out no matter what species you're working with.  The cutting head was packaged extremely well, supported with 2x4 blocks and a thicker paper-board carton than I've ever seen.  Installation was no problem if you are adept to working on machines.  I opted to reuse my existing bearings and  with the help of a standard bearing puller, everything came together perfectly.  I have nothing but praise for this tool, and will likely purchase the replacement head for my planer in the near future as well. 

The performance of the Shelix cutter heads is amazing. I love the smoothness of the cut, the ease of fixing notches in the cut (especially since this is being used in a high school shop), and the reduced noise level is fantastic.
The only negative I have is that there were no installation instructions that matched either of my two styles of jointer (which are both very common styles). There was a lot of guessing work and I actually pressed the bearings on the wrong way on the first installation on one jointer and had to pull them off and re-press them.

I've only had the Shelix head for about a week and haven't used it a lot yet.
It was an interesting experience dismantling my Rojek combination machine as the instructions gave no clue as to how it came apart. With a bit of head scratching and fiddling about I managed to remove the old head and drop in the Shelix head. I bought the new head with bearings, which caused a small problem. I hadn't taken much notice of the bearings and when the new head was dropped in it could move back and forward across the machine rather alarmingly. I had a closer look at the bearings and found the original ones were wider than standard. There were then two courses of action, re-fit the old bearings, which were still in good condition, or fit spacers to the new ones. I removed the old bearings okay, but one on the new head was well stuck on (I didn't have a decent bearing puller). Luckily I have a friend who is a machinist and he made me a couple of polypropylene spacers and we fitted these to the new, standard size, bearings. After that we re-assembled the machine and aligned the head with the planing table, which was a bit fiddly, but we got there in the end. After then setting up the thickness table so it cut parallel the machine was ready for use. The first bit of wood we tried was a piece of English Oak (from prunings). The cut surface on the oak is excellent, smooth and shiny. I have since tried Tasmanian Oak (eucalyptus) and some pine from a packing case. The Tas oak surface was also very good, with only a trace of machining marks, the pine not quite so good, but still okay.
As promised the machine is much quieter, most of the noise coming from the dust extractor. All in all I think the Shelix head is a good buy, even given the problems fitting it, and it's nice not to have to align knives again.
Nick Ramshaw

I finally installed my cutter head a few weeks ago on my 15” Powermatic planer, having waited to get up the courage! The instructions were fairly good. Thankfully I already had a wheel puller to remove the old bearing from the cutter shaft. It might be useful to amend the instructions to advise that a wheel puller may be required. As I recall it was also helpful to remove the spline gear. The photo illustrations on the section of blocking up the cutter housing might be enhanced with a few additional pictures. Otherwise it went pretty smoothly and I would never go back to straight or spiral knives!
Thanks, Mike Ide

Love it.  I'll never have to buy those expensive but poor quality DeWalt 735 planer knives again. The installation went without any problems.  I watched a few You-Tube videos before I started. The Byrd Shelix leaves a very smooth surface.  I do get a little snipe but I have not yet re-aligned my in-feed and out-feed tables.  With the old straight knives you could feed your work into the planer at an angle and it would reduce the amount of snipe your would get.  Don't do that with the Bryd Shelix.  If you feed it in right side first you can get some really bad snipe because of the angle the cutters are attached to the cutter head.  Left side first is OK.The reason I bought the Byrd Shelix for my DeWalt 735 planer was because I had previously replaced my 8 inch jointer knives with a Byrd Shelix cutter head.  It greatly improved my jointer's quality and smoothness of the surface it left.  After seeing that I did my planer too.
M. Hansen

Got Byrd head installed.
Amazing how much quieter it is compared to factory head.
Less effort required to push through jointer.

I have only used the Shelix cutter on my planer once but the difference in the quietness and smoothness of the cut is outstanding.  I look forward to doing my next project which will be a set of Mesquite cabinets.

Delta jointer very easy to upgrade, cutter head performing as promised.  Saving for upgrade to my thickness planer as well.  Thank you.

My experiences with my SHELIX head have been positive.  Ordering was easy.  I was told it would take a couple of weeks to ship from the manufacturer, but it arrived sooner than expected.
Installation was easy.  The included instructions, as well as the link to additional instructions online, were easy to follow.  However, I've had my Delta DJ-20 disassembled before.  I think that made the process easier and less intimidating to attempt.  The only thing that could have made it easier, was a youtube video demonstrating the process.  My friends and I learn how to do everything online, and on youtube in particular.

My only complaint is that the diameter of the cutter head left absolutely no wiggle room for the outfeed table adjustment.  With the SHELIX head, my outfeed table has to be at it's absolute highest, and the cutter head is still almost a couple thousandths high.  If I don't pay very close attention to my technique, I can end up with snipe.  Which is a problem I didn't had before with the factory cutter head since I had room to adjust the outfeed table as necessary.  It seemed like after a few uses, the SHELIX cutter edges wore down just a thousandth or two and then began lining up nicely.

Regardless, I am now getting excellent cutting results with the SHELIX head.  My jointer is quieter, and smoother.  I love having the piece of mind that the carbide blades will have a longer life span.  When they do dull, I won't have to play the tedious game of lining up three straight knives.  That was my main reason for upgrading to the SHELIX head.  I know that in the future, my jointer will cost me much less down time in my shop.
If I do ever buy a new jointer, I will make sure it is a model that comes equipped with a SHELIX head standard.
A satisfied customer, A.N.

My experiences with my new Shelix Helical Cutter Head that I ordered for my older 12” DeWalt planer have been good.
Initially I had some concerns in ordering the cutter head and a phone call to your 800 number got a prompt and accurate answers. I subsequently ordered the new cutter head and was pleased with the fact that it came with the new bearings, already installed, and free shipping. These added extras made it less expensive than the Shelix head that I had ordered from Grizzly for my 8” jointer. On the cutter head that I received for my jointer I had to pay shipping, buy new bearings, and have them pressed on, all extra expenses. I wish I had ordered that cutter head from you also, especially since it was manufactured by your company.
Removing the old cutter head from my DeWalt planer and installing the new one should have been a quick job, under an hour total time, but the 4 guide posts on my planer were somewhat corroded, from age, and I had some trouble getting them clean enough to slide the motor off of the guides. This was no fault of the new cutters, just a long cleanup job on the posts and after that, all went well.
Installing the new cutter head on my Grizzly jointer, also manufactured by your company, went very well. I had that done in about an hour, including the time I spent cleaning up some of the dust & dirt on the jointer.
I am very pleased with the quality of the cuts made by both heads. I have been working with hickory from a couple of trees I had cut down and milled by a local guy with a Wood Miser. Before I installed the new cutters, my hickory boards were pretty ragged after planning and jointing them after working with them with the old heads, and required a lot of sanding. As you know hickory is very hard and these boards had quite a few knots making them a challenge for both the jointer and the planer. With my new heads installed, they come off the jointer & planer really smooth and require very little sanding.
My only complaint, and I talked to you about this, is the diameter of the new cutter head for my DeWalt planer is smaller than the original head. This has caused 2 problems: 1) the gauge that is used to determine the depth of my cut is far from accurate and is useless, and 2) the mouth opening, with the cutter now having to be set lower to accommodate the smaller diameter cutter. The opening is barely wide enough to get my board into the planer. I’m going to have to modify the mouth opening somehow, but I’m still able to use the planer as is, it is just a very tight fit.
I would not hesitate to recommend your cutter heads and your company to anybody wanting a fine cut on their jointer or planer. Your service and your product are both very good.
Pat Lemley