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Why is my machine not listed?

Why is my machine not listed? – Is there no SHELIX head for it?

For your better understanding, please note that machine manufacturers do not support our business as they much rather have you purchase a new machine than upgrading your old one with a product by a third company. In other words, we cannot get any information from them regarding what head is being used in what machine. This is why we rely on our customers in regards to the specifications on the cutter head in their machine. Some customers provide the information needed as they measure every detail and send the information to us. Others simply remove the head from the machine and send the head to us. In other words, each of the 800+ SHELIX heads that we offer started with a first customer. As we currently may not have any information on the cutter head in your machine, this only means that we didn’t have a customer yet who is willing to take the necessary steps to enable us to produce a matching SHELIX head.

Many machine manufacturers use a cutter head from a third party manufacturer; so there is a chance that your machine uses a cutter head that is also being used in other machines.

You can download here a spec sheet that you can use to fill in and submit the information on the cutter head in your machine. When you send us the information on your cutter head, we will check if there is a head available that matches your specs. If this is not the case, we will use this information to calculate a quote on a custom head for your machine. Please note that “custom” does not mean custom price. If the head in your machine is similar to another one, it will most likely be the same price; even if some dimensions are different. Most critical for the price is the overall dimensions and the diameter of the head which determines how many wings of knives and how many knives in total this SHELIX head will use.

Accuracy: When submitting your own dimensions, an accuracy of 1/16” is usually sufficient to find a match or calculate a quote for you. If you later want to order your SHELIX head based on the dimensions you provided, we do require an accuracy of 0.001”. If you do not have precise measuring tools for this accuracy, you can ask a local machine shop to help you out. You also can remove the head from your machine and send it to Byrd Tool. Sorry, but Byrd will not accept cutterheads prior to quoting and an order being placed. Please get instructions from us before you send your original head! There is a $70.00 fee for this service.

Please note: The manufacturer, Byrd Tool is currently very short handed while at the same time is dealing with extreme order volumes for standard heads which is causing delivery times of up to 6 months for some items! For this reason, they are currently giving very low priority to custom projects and in many cases, are just not responding. Please be advised that extreme patience will be required and that delivery may be 6 - 9 months. If you wish to proceed with getting a SHELIX head for your machine, we are willing to work with you, but please be aware that Quotes may take 60 – 90 days.